Our Editing Services include: 

  • Developmental Editing analysis of plot, arcs, pace, characters and story feedback
  • Line/Copy editing services including grammar, punctuation, word usage, and spelling
  • Final Proofing
  • Editing and Proofing of audiobooks 

Soup to Nuts Editing:  $.012/word.

Includes Developmental Editing, Line/Copy Editing, and Proofing. This includes at least two passes through the manuscript at each phase. Manuscript will be returned to author after each editing.

Individual Services:

 Developmental Edit: $.003/word

Ann S. will review your finished manuscript and provide an editorial letter and comments in the manuscript covering a detailed analysis of plot, characters, dialogue, setting, pace and more. 

Line/Copy Edit:$.008/word

Ann S. and Ann R. will review your manuscript with a minimum of two passes. This edit will cover sentence structure, word usage, punctuation, and grammar.  

Final Proofread:$.003/word

Ann R. will review final manuscript prior to publishing checking spelling, grammar, punctuation and repetitive word usage. 

Manuscript Assessment:Flat fee of $100.00

We will review and critique your first 5% of pages.  You will receive an editorial letter from us providing feedback on plot, characters, dialogue, setting, and pace.